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Methodism began in Morpeth in 1748 and in 1809 the Methodists moved to their first proper chapel in Morpeth. Deep divisions opened up within the movement nationally and in 1811 the Primitive Methodists broke away. In 1871 a Primitive Methodist chapel was built in Manchester Street. This remained in use until 1964. Now in 2015 it is being used by Co-operative Funeral Care.

In 1904 the Primitives built a large chapel in Howard Terrace. The congregation of the Manchester Street chapel did not join them until 1964 and the Wesleyans, who also had a chapel in Manchester Street, closed their chapel and began to worship at Howard Terrace.

The Millenium Project 1997-2004

In 1997 discusions occured within the church in relation to the Sanctuary which had remained almost unchanged for the last hundred years, was appropriate for worship and other functions within the 21st Century.  Refurbishments were made to the church, a new entrance hall was added and more rooms. But the project became larger and more facilites were added. The renevations were supposed to be completed by 2000 but were completed by June 2004.  The old pews were replaced by chairs, the Nelson pipe organ was replaced by an Allen electronic organ. New heating and bare floorboards replaced by carpets. Morpeth Methodist Church then became known as Morpeth Methodist Church and Centre for the Community. 



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