‘When someone is baptised, Christians publicly celebrate the love of God expressed in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.”

An older child, young person or adult can understand and accept this love for themselves. But when a baby or small child is baptised, the child is held in the faith of others.

Almost all Christian churches practice Baptism, and those who are baptised in the Methodist church are part of the worldwide Church of Christ. Baptism is a sign of belonging to Jesus and beginning a journey of faith with him.’ (from All this for you – the meaning of Baptism in the Methodist Church © Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes 2004)

If you are interested in being baptised yourself or having your child baptised (‘christened’) then please contact the Minister who will help you understand more about what is involved.

Normally Baptisms take place in morning worship so the congregation of the church can express their support for the person being baptised and their family.

There is no charge for Baptism.

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